Ten Benefits Of Properly Maintained And Cleaned Carpets

As summer continues to drive people outdoors, it is crucial that we don’t lose sight of the things we need to do indoors. One of the most neglected part of our home especially during the hot season are the carpets. Victor Nugent, owner of AJS Carpet Cleaning Salt Lake City provides 10 good reasons to have our carpets cleaned all year round.

1.  Prolongs carpet’s life. The average lifespan of carpets is between 2-3 years, when the fiber’s colors fade and become old. The stains sustained during the years will definitely take its toll on the life of the carpet, which is why most apartment owners regularly change carpeting within 2-5 years. Regular and proper cleaning methods will protect your investment by prolonging your carpet’s life significantly, sometimes even tripling its life expectancy.

2. Improves and protects quality of air. There is a misconception regarding people with asthma and allergies that they should entirely avoid carpets in home and offices, this is not true. Carpets actually trap pollutants that aggravate allergic conditions, preventing them from floating in the breathing zone. A study conducted by NIH shows that there is no correlating data between aggravations of asthmatic symptoms to carpet and non-carpeted flooring.

3. Easier to maintain clean carpets. If regular practice of thorough cleaning is achieved, soiling is better controlled than when it has sunk deep into the carpet’s fiber. Not only does it need to have a more powerful vacuum to pull it out, the strain that these machine cause due to the force it puts into the carpet will weaken the carpet foundation to the point of balding it.

4. Less dirt in general. Leaving stains longer will attract more soils, thus removing them promptly will reduce the need for more deep cleaning.

.Improves the appearance and ambiance of the room or office. Clean carpets speak volumes of the professionalism or personality of a home or office.

6. Kills bacteria and prevent them from building up, moist soiling in carpets is a breeding ground for several contaminants including mold.

7. Removes bedbugs and dust mites that lurks deep within the carpet fibers.

8. Clean carpets boost professionalism and work productivity. A happy and healthy worker works best with clean and fragrant surroundings.

9. Keeps your carpet always looking fresh and beautiful. A clean carpet allows good chi to flow vibrantly around your home.

10. Increases your home’s worth by maintaining the carpet’s warranty, most carpet manufacturers have disclosures to discontinue a carpet warranty if improper cleaning technique has been used. Make sure to get certified carpet cleaning company like AJS Carpet cleaning Salt Lake City to get peace of mind.


Author: Rod Lee

Rod Lee is a professional carpet cleaner in utah with 20 years experience, and regularly serviced areas in Orem and Provo, UT. He has written hundreds of articles on carpet cleaning.

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